Assylum – 43% Off


Save 43% off a membership to Assylum

There are two types of plans available when you decide to purchase a membership at Assylum, one that does not include access to 4K UHD videos and one that does. The first plan, which does not include access to 4K videos, is called a standard membership pass and is regularly priced at $34.95/month. With our discount however you save $5 off a monthly pass and $44.90 off a 3 month pass. With the extended option you save 43% off the regular price instantly by paying for 90 days of access upfront. On the second plan, which includes access to 4K video downloads, our discount lowers the membership fee from $39.95 to $34.95 with a month to month plan which is a savings of $5/month. To save more than just $5 with this 4k video you need to purchase a 3 month subscription which instantly saves you $49.90, a 42% price break.

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