Lets Play Lez – 83% Off

Lets Play Lez

Save 83% off a monthly membership to Lets Play Lez

Lets Play Lez has a standard subscription fee of $29.95 per month which you can easily avoid by using one of our discounts. How much you save is entirely up to you. If you’re willing to pay for multiple months in advance, you can dramatically increase your savings. Select the 3-month plan for $45.95, which is paid in one installment, and you’ll save 49% off regular price. If you’re willing to pay for a year upfront, you’ll save 83% and reduce your average monthly cost to just $5.25. Choose this plan and you will make one payment of $62.95 and receive full access to Lets Play Lez for an entire year. If you prefer a standard month-to-month plan, the $19.95 per month membership is perfect for you. With this deal you’ll save 34% per month and you’ll never pay more than the agreed upon rate of $19.95 per 30 days.

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